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"They have a big selection of trading cards and good prices, as well as very knowledgeable people working there. This was my first time there, but I will definitely come back again."

Pave S. Zadar (Croatia)

"This shop has an amazing staff and fantastic prices - fully recommend it!"

Sven S., Zagreb (Croatia)

"Easy purchase, helpful staff and overall great selection of products."

Mirko P., Ljubljana (Slovenia)

magic omens owls loyalty program

Owls Loyalty Club - Do Quests and Earn Rewards!

After a year of building our community with loyal players and collectors, we think it's time to give back.

The Owls Loyalty Club is free to join, easy to use and gets you to rewards quickly. Rewards range from a free cup of coffee in our store all the way to 10% off your next order!

Just click the little blue button on the bottom right of our website and join!

If you want to learn more about how it all works, follow the link below!

Join the Owls Loyalty Club today!

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Dungeons & Dragons Spelljammer: Adventures in Space
Final Fantasy TCG - Anniversary Collection Set 2022
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - The Promised Day Board Game
The One Ring Core Rules Standard Edition
MtG Arena Starter Kit 2022
MtG Arena Starter Kit 2022
Sale price€9,00
The One Ring Starter Set
The One Ring Starter Set
Sale price€52,50
Yu-Gi-Oh! Structure Deck Albaz Strike
Codenames: Marvel
Codenames: Marvel
Sale price€25,50
Dungeons & Dragons - Critical Role: Call of the Netherdeep
MTG Challenger Deck 2022
MTG Challenger Deck 2022
Sale price€29,00

About Magic Omens

We're a store founded by TCG & board games enthusiasts. We know everything about what you need. Because we were in your spot, and we weren't satisfied with the offer on the market or the customer service. So we decided to take the matter into our own hands. That's how Magic Omens was born.

By players, for players.

About Us & The Team
Magic Omens Team
Organized play, tournaments and events in Magic Omens

Play Events in Your New Favorite LGS

Magic Omens is hosting tournaments and live events every week.

On top of that, you're free to come anytime and play with your friends.

It doesn't matter if you're a competitive or casual player. You can find something that will be interesting to you as we have a variety of different events.

You can find more info and the schedule on the link below. We look forward to seeing you in the coziest and best equipped LGS in Croatia, playing your favourite TCG!

More About Organized Play & Events

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