Events in Your New Favorite LGS

With our new play area and more available space in our store, we are now hosting different events every week!

Here you can find all the info about when you can expect your favorite game to be played, how to join our community and about everything else we plan on hosting in the upcoming month.
As an LGS (Local Game Store) we want to put our focus on the community. That means we will be hosting multiple casual and competitive tournaments in every game that has an interested local community. We will also hold meetups and many other types of events, info on which you can find below.
In addition to all of this, our play area is also open for free play whenever there isn't a tournament being run, so do yourself a favor and come on down for some gameplay in the coziest LGS in Croatia.

Weekly Tournaments
The ability to play your favorite game every week!

Join the Fun!
Organized Play and other events in the coolest LGS in Zagreb, Croatia!

Free parking!
There is a free and spacious parking lot next to the venue

Coffee & Drinks!
Various types of coffee and refrigerated beverages are available for you to enjoy!

Check out our event schedule for this month

Open Tables

What kind of events can you expect?

Pokémon turnournaments for everyone!

Every Sunday, we hold tournaments for fans of the Pokemon Trading Card Game at 10:00!

These events are open for all ages, but we also have tournaments for players in elementary school called Pokemon Junior Gym, where they can play and grow along players from their age group.

Magic the Gathering Casual and Competitive Events

Monday night, join us for some beginner friendly Standard tournaments.

Every Wednesday, you can join our Pauper tournaments or casual EDH pods in the afternoons.

Each week we will have an open signup for the Friday Night Draft which will rotate through the available sets every week.

Pioneer, is the newest addition to the Friday lineup in addition to draft!

Saturday is reserved for more Magic the Gathering events. Be it Modern in the mornings or EDH for the rest of the day, we guarantee good games, fair prizes and most importantly a place to play MTG!


Every Thursday from 17:00 we Yu-Gi-Oh! with one booster for every player at sign up.

Every Sunday we start at 15:00 and it's cheaper to play, but there is no booster at sign up.

Digimon weekly tournaments and bigger events

Every Tuesday we trade cards and play Digimon in our store starting at 5 PM.

Once every season, we also hold a Digimon Store Championship event that is always a blast, as well as prereleases for each set. All of these will be announced in time.

Monday afternoons are officially reserved for Digimon casual play, for you to test decks, learn to play or just play the game in a more relaxed environment.  

One Piece weekly tournaments and prerelease events

Every Thursday from 18:00 we play the One Piece card game and trade cards.

You can expect a prerelease event for every new booster set and it will be announced in time in our Facebook or Discord community.

Monday afternoons are officially reserved for One Piece casual play, for you to test decks, learn to play or just play the game in a more relaxed environment.

Flesh and Blood Armory

Friday is reserved for Armory events. Be it CC or Blitz we guarantee good games, fair prizes and most importantly a place to play Flesh and Blood!

We also hold regular Road to Nationals and Skirmish events in our store!

Whenever we are open and there is no big event taking place, you are free to come in and play whatever game you want. Be it a TCG, a Board Game or just hanging out and trading, this is all encouraged and are some of the reasons we opened this store.

Work hours:

  • Monday - Friday: 13 - 19h
  • Saturday: 10 - 20h
  • Sunday: 10 - 18h

Customer Reviews

"I love how I can just come in and hang out when browsing products or play something whenever I have free time. They have all the Pokemon products I could ever want!"

Rok M., Zagreb (Croatia)

"Found all the TCG products I was looking for and loved the play area! The space is so nice and roomy with amazing coffee. Perfect for the prerelease."

Filip G., Zagreb (Croatia)

"Drove down to Zagreb to play in a tournament and pick up my order and I got to say I wasn't disappointed. Beautiful store and organized play area with amazing staff."

Mislav B., Rijeka (Croatia)

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