Who We Are

We are players who want to help fellow players. If you're a passionate gamer, you just found a great friend in us. Magic Omens is a specialized store for TCG-s, boardgames, tabletop games, as well as all the accessories needed for those games.

Our company was founded with an objective to help the community grow, and to offer all the latest products at amazing prices with an unforgettable experience.

Having a lot of gaming experience, we know what is important to you. Our objective is to bring the joy of playing to everybody. Keep reading to get to know us better!

The Journey so Far

In 2020, in the short rest from the COVID pandemic, an idea was born to start a TCG business. We understood the hobby since all of us have been in it from early 2000s.

Magic Omens started off small. As a Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh singles store. But an amazing service and affordable prices seemed to have been just what people needed. In order to satisfy a growing number of customers, we quickly evolved to selling many more products.

Players were hungry for more. At the start of 2021, Magic Omens officially became a registered business in Zagreb, Croatia.

By players, for players.

Our Values

We thrive to grow and become an established brand in an ever growing market. Keeping the focus on customer satisfaction and competitive prices is very important to us. We are trying to make a difference as active members of the TCG and boardgame communities.

Top-notch Service

Because we're all TCG and boardgames players, we know what is really important. The feeling you can trust somebody, and the feeling of belonging. With us, you can feel like home. Surrounded by family. We are tying our hardest to provide you with an unforgettable experience. And help you create the best of memories.

Great Prices

Amazing service aside, we know what's equally important - prices. Since our goals go way past just making profits, we want to offer you the most affordable prices possible. Buying at reasonable prices is important, especially games. They're here to make you enjoy life, and not to stress you out. Check out the deals we offer yourself!

Growth of Local Community

We are supporting the growth of local communities and content creators. We believe they're the pillar of all TCG-s and boardgames. You can't have one without the other. We are aware of that. That's why we are forming partnerships and nurturing those relationships. To help keep the game alive and make it grow.

Magic Omens Team

Meet the people behind Magic Omens

Ivan Kosovec


Ivan is the mastermind behind Magic Omens. Often viewed as a good spirit of Croatian TCG scene.

Famous for selling his cards low and then rebuying them for a much higher price, Ivan started his TCG journey with Pokemon back in the early 2000s. After a short affair with Yu-Gi-Oh, he found his home in Magic: The Gathering, playing on-and-off since 2003. His favourite archetype is control and his favourite format is limited.

In his free time, Ivan is a collector of various things, not only limited to TCG-s, but also everything related to geek culture. He’s also really into cars.

Denis Devčić


Denis carries the trauma of playing unsleeved priceless Charizards on a park bench as a kid. Not to mention all the valuable misplaced MTG and Yu-Gi-Oh cards or poorly treated Warhammer miniatures.

After a long pause, he got into MTG which he kept playing as a tournament grinder until the pandemic hit. Saddened with the fate of all TCG players, something needed to change. He joined his two buddies in building Magic Omens to bring the magic back to players.

Besides TCG-s, he's deep into marketing and working out. Biggest achievement: winning the 1st prize in the Andrea Mengucci look-alike competition.

Ivan Kandrač


Ivan Kandrač "Candy" is probably the biggest TCG & boardgame enthusiasts among this colorful bunch.

His lucky hand enables him to open some serious value from booster packs. Weather he carries a rabbit's foot or a four-leaf clover with him reamins a mistery.

Being an avid gamer, he found his home in Magic Omens.

Antun Mikić


Toni is our jolly shopkeeper. He's a natural people person. He enjoyes a good game and a nice conversation.His favorite games are D&D and Magic: the Gathering (especially EDH).

Fun fact about Toni - Being an experienced physical therapist, you can always ask him about your back problems or ask for your spine to be realigned.

Besides TCG-s, he likes board games, loves gaming, and is a motorcycle enthusiast. You can always drop by for a chat or an advice on which game to play.

Toni Vavra


A wild anthropologist appeared! He never got his great ball (tin) and he nearly lost his level ball (tin) at the least Magic Omens photo shoot, so the shiny Jolteon got away laughing...

Jokes aside, Toni is a Poké fan since the late nineties. From cards stolen in kindergarten through playing Diamond on nocash NDS emulator to a binder full of eeveelutions. If you wanna discuss the TCG, find out a single card value or just talk about the latest Poké video games (or anime), he's your guy.

miscellaneous: librarian gonna-be, fluent in Czech, Ravenclaw, trained coffee maker, ex. pro cat sitter, Hearthstone legend, facial hair enthusiast, sugar fueled and very excited about Pokémon Unite.

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More Info on Magic Omens

Magic Omens j.d.o.o was registered in Zagreb, January 2021.

Legal info:

MBS: 081347060
OIB: 61037058902
VAT ID: HR61037058902
IBAN: HR8123400091111112528

Savska cesta 144A, Zagreb (10000), Croatia, EU

Working hours:

Monday - Friday: 13 - 19h
Saturday: 10 - 20h
Sunday: 10 - 18h

email: contact@magicomens.com
mobile: +385 91 982 0250
Whatsapp: +385 91 982 0250

Or contact us via our social media (Facebook or Instagram)

What Our Customers Say About Us

"They have a big selection of trading cards and good prices, as well as very knowledgeable people working there. This was my first time there, but I will definitely come back again."

Pave S., Zadar (Croatia)

"This shop has an amazing staff and fantastic prices - fully recommend it!"

Sven S., Zagreb (Croatia)

"Easy purchase, helpful staff and overall great selection of products."

Mirko P., Ljubljana (Slovenia)