Where to find us and what do we trade in

You can find our singles store on Card Market. We have been doing business there for years, with an outstanding record. You can also visit our local game store in Zagreb, Croatia at Savska cesta 144A.
We have been an up-and-coming game store in the EU for the last year or so and are expanding fast! With over 3000 successful orders in a bit under a year, we know we can put a dent in this market as well.
Our interest is primarily in Magic the Gathering singles, but we are also interested in your sealed product, Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Flesh and Blood collections!

Get paid in 5 easy steps:

  • Contact us at cards@magicomens.com with your collection info (excel or photo of up to 36 cards per photo)
  • Get an estimated offer based on the provided info
  • Send us your cards
  • Get the final offer after we examine the collection
  • Recieve your money!

Sell us your collections and make money!

We offer one of the highest rates for your singles and pay out reliably fast!


  • We follow daily price trends for our trades and are ready to pay up to 80% of our selling price, depending on factors like condition, language and foiling.
  • You can even sell us your bulk Rares and Mythics for €0.05 per cards
  • Cards cheaper than 2€ that don't fall into the bulk category we will pay between 10% and 50% of our selling price


  • Cash
  • Paypal (USD or EUR)
  • Store Credit (10% bonus on your offer in credit)
  • SEPA bank transfer

Doing it for the love of the game

Our entire team is entirely made up of active TCG players. The singles trade is just another part of the services we wanted to offer the local community, as well as to extend our reach to the rest of the EU region.

We know what it feels like to need some cards right now and not being able to wait for them to show up in random boosters. A tournament's coming up, and you need some extra cash for updating your list? Our service allows you to make better decks for affordable prices, while making it easier to sell or trade in your old cards for something you might need right now.

By players, for players.

Our values

We thrive to grow and become an established brand in an ever growing market. Keeping the focus on customer satisfaction and competitive prices is very important to us. We are trying to make a difference as active members of the TCG and boardgame communities.

Top-notch service

Because we're all TCG and boardgames players, we know what is really important. The feeling you can trust somebody, and the feeling of belonging. With us, you can feel like home. Surrounded by family. We are tying our hardest to provide you with an unforgettable experience. And help you create the best of memories.

Great prices

Amazing service aside, we know what's equally important - prices. Since our goals go way past just making profits, we want to offer you the most affordable prices possible. Buying at reasonable prices is important, especially games. They're here to make you enjoy life, and not to stress you out. Check out the deals we offer yourself!

Growth of local community

We are supporting the growth of local communities and content creators. We believe they're the pillar of all TCG-s and boardgames. You can't have one without the other. We are aware of that. That's why we are forming partnerships and nurturing those relationships. To help keep the game alive and make it grow.