Carddass Digimon Card Game Official Assorted Sleeves 2022

Art: Shoutmon and Starmons
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Carddass and Digimon Card Game present themed card protectors!

You can choose between 8 different sleeve arts:

  • adorable trio Angoramon, Gammamon and Jellimon
  • Xross Wars Legends, Shoutmon and Starmons
  • black and red Jesmon
  • All the hybrid heroes from Digimon Frontier
  • Shinegreymon, the mega form of the main Digimon from Data Squad
  • Mirei, the fan favorite Mastemon tamer from Digimon World and Cyber Sleuth games
  • Rina Shinomiya from the Digimon World: Re Digitize game with her partner Veevee and his full digivolution line
  • Omnimon with Wargreymon in the background

Each card protector pack contains 60 card sleeves.

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