Just found out about the Digimon Card Game - Where to start?

What is the Digimon Card Game?

Digimon TCG is a card game similar to Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, or Magic: The Gathering. It has been around since 2020 and has in its three years built a dedicated and diverse fan base. The entire game is inspired by the well-known Digimon anime series, which has a whopping 9 different series.

In the Digimon TCG, two players aim to remove each other's Security and execute a final digital attack using Digimon, Options, and Tamers. Get ready for a dynamic game of strategy with a bit of luck!

Interested in Digimon, but not sure where to start?

Everyone's beginning is different, but most people first encounter the game by opening booster packs. It's a great introduction, getting you into the art and feel of the game.

Another great way to start is by getting a Starter Deck each with a friend and playing at home, while slowly building your collection.

The best way to start, in our opinion, is by visiting your Local Game Store (LGS) or joining a local online community. We know it might sound intimidating to some of you, but there's no need to worry. From personal experience, we can tell you that every local community eagerly awaits new players to expand their love for the game and foster new friendships and rivalries.

Below are some steps that will take you from a complete beginner to a true Digimon Card Game enthusiast!

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Collecting Digimon cards and playing the game - what's your preference?

The first step is to decide which aspect of the game interests you the most. Is it collecting the most beautiful and valuable cards, or is it playing the game with friends and new opponents worldwide? Realistically, most players enjoy both aspects of this hobby, but one usually takes the lead. To figure out where you stand, move on to the next step!

Learn to play Digimon Card Game and start your collection!

Just like any other Trading Card Game (TCG), you'll need cards to play Digimon. The best first product for any fan, whether a player or a collector, is a Starter Deck. Each starter deck contains some cards exclusive to that product and is ready to play straight out of the box. All you need is your first opponent and card sleeves for protecting your cards, and you're good to go!

The best way to learn the game is through playing. Read the brief explanation that comes with your Starter Deck or check out one of the many tutorials on YouTube (this one is our favorite) and start playing.

Try playing against friends or head to a local card shop for a tournament, searching for someone to play with. After a few matches, you'll have a better idea of whether playing is for you and what strategies seem interesting. Now is the time to build your first deck! If playing isn't your thing, you can express your love for Digimon through your new card collection. Read more about that below ;)

Collecting Digimon cards and their value

Certain Digimon cards can be worth several thousand euros, but most valuable and popular cards fall into the range of 10 to 60 euros. Opening booster packs opens the door to the possibility of obtaining some of these valuable and sought-after cards. You just need a bit of luck, and they can be yours!

In addition to opening packs, there's also the option of buying individual cards (known as singles). The best place to find out the prices of individual cards and trade singles within the European Union is Card Market. Magic Omens also sells Digimon singles on Card Market, so feel free to check our offerings for the cards that interest you.

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Attending your first local Digimon Card Game tournament

Most major cities have a local community of people playing Digimon, and there are a few ways to easily connect with them and start playing. The first is to join a Facebook group or a Discord channel of the local Digimon community (link to the Croatian Digimon Discord). There, you'll find all the information you need to play in your city or nearby. These places are also great for learning more about the game and sharing experiences with other fans to improve your skills.

The second option is to install the Bandai TCG+ app and create an account. There, you can find information on official Digimon tournaments held regularly, usually every week, in local stores and game rooms with Bandai games. If you're in Zagreb, Magic Omens hosts Digimon tournaments every Tuesday at 17:30, and everyone is welcome, whether you're completely new or a game veteran.

For your first Digimon event, we recommend preparing a deck and arriving about half an hour before it starts to sign up on time and gather information about things you're still curious about.

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Building your first winning deck - What is a meta deck?

To build your first deck, the most crucial step is deciding which Digimon or strategy you want to focus on. This determines the direction the rest of the process will take. Every Digimon deck must contain exactly 50 cards, and it's recommended in most decks to have the majority of cards in one or two colors for easy play. Another important piece of information is that each deck can contain a maximum of 4 of any individual card (this doesn't consider the name, like Agumon, but the collection number, like BT12-059).

Like any other competitive game, Digimon has decks that win more often than others. These decks are called Meta Decks, and you want to play them if you plan to be at the top of local (and larger) tournaments. Since this game releases first in Japan (with a 3-4 set advantage), a lot of information about strong decks is easily available on the internet, sometimes even a month before new cards are released. We recommend checking sites like digimonmeta.com to find a deck you like and start building it.

After choosing your deck, it's time to collect the cards. A good start is always the local community and tournaments, where people often trade or sell cards, as well as the Magic Omens Card Market we mentioned earlier. After that, for the remaining cards, it's best to ask in Discord or open a few boosters to catch the ones you're missing without too much hassle.

The path to eternal glory - Digimon TCG Regional and World championships

The final step in any competitive game is competing at the highest level. In the Digimon TCG, these are the Regional and World Championships. Regional championships are held every few months in larger cities in your region (in Europe, these are regularly cities in Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands, among others), and hundreds of players participate, eager for glory and qualification for the World Championship that year.

In this environment, besides a well-prepared meta deck, you need a lot of practice against various decks and playstyles to be ready for everything you might encounter at that tournament. These tournaments are also a great opportunity to travel with friends you meet at local events and collectively progress in the game you love to play.

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Why play the Digimon Card Game?

If everything mentioned above hasn't sparked your desire to play, then maybe the game isn't for you. But if anything has intrigued you even a little, now is the perfect time to start your Digimon Card Game journey! You can expect beautiful and cool cards, an active and open community, and hours of intense and enjoyable battles with other Digimon fans.



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