Battle Spirits Saga - Expansion Set EX01

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Introducing Battle Spirits Saga Expansion Set 01 - the perfect addition to your collection! This bundle includes three booster packs, and 9 exclusive promo cards (9 types) to add to your arsenal. The expansion set is themed around Elementals of four colours: red, purple, white, and yellow.

With the inclusion of flexible spirits, each in the four colours, this expansion set is a must-have for any player. These spirits can be summoned for 0 cost and have effects that allow players to draw cards, making them incredibly useful in the opening turns.

In addition to the spirits, there are also low-cost magic cards for each colour that can strengthen your spirits on the field and even draw cards.

The highlight of the 9 promo cards is a powerful dragon spirit, a protector of jewels, which can be used as any of the six colours, making it a versatile addition to any deck. Don't miss out on this opportunity to expand your collection and enhance your gameplay with Battle Spirits Saga Expansion Set 01.

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