Digimon Cards in Croatia - Guide to Playing and Collecting

Digimon TCG is a card game that has been around since 2020. It is inspired by the animated anime series Digimon, which has 9 different series. The game is played one-on-one, where we try to outsmart our opponent and win using our favorite Digimons, tamers, and attacks.

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What is Digimon TCG

Digimon is a strategic game in which we try to destroy our opponent's Security and thereby enable us to launch a direct digital attack. The game itself has a lot of interesting interactions, so there is always something we can learn. The basics of the game are very easy to learn, but there are many interactions and combinations that will interest younger and older players.

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Are Digimon cards popular?

Digimon cards are popular among all ages. They are equally popular among collectors and card game players. Check out our article on the most popular Digimon collectibles for more information.

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Is Digimon TCG difficult to learn (Game rules and how to play the game)?

No, it is not difficult. Digimon TCG is easy to learn. Over the past few years, it has become very accessible to new players as there are many Digimon TCG YouTube channels that explain the combinations of various decks and general card interactions. Digimon TCG has an official app available on Windows, iOS, and Android platforms for learning the game. In addition, it is possible to come to the game room on Tuesdays where there will always be players ready to help and teach you a few things.

The official rules for playing are available at this link in the form of a PDF guide with many images of the exact rules. It is very easy and we recommend it to anyone interested in the rules to study it. 

Digimon TCG on the Tabletop Simulator

Digimon can also be played on the Tabletop Simulator. It is a program that allows you to simulate any social or card game. It is very popular among Digimon players because it is easy to learn and allows you to build decks before acquiring the necessary cards. This makes it very useful in preparing for tournaments and discovering new combinations. 

Factors in playing Digimon TCG

Competitiveness and gameplay format

Digimon TCG can be divided into casual and competitive play. Casual play is more accessible to new players because it doesn't require owning the best deck to succeed. Casual play is essentially playing with friends and at local tournaments where the atmosphere is a bit more relaxed. Competitive play refers to larger tournaments such as regional, state, and international (Regional and National Championships) tournaments where players use the best decks and try to rank as high as possible. 

Our recommendation for people playing in tournaments is to always protect their cards with deck protectors. These are covers that protect cards from wear and tear, scratches, and bending. They also allow cards to not stick together and can be properly shuffled (called "deck shuffling") to avoid being accused of cheating. Using protectors, or sleeves, is a good practice even if you are a casual player, to better preserve your cards. You should choose a high-quality brand of sleeves. Our recommendation and personal favorites is Dragon Shield Matte

Digimon TCG, of course, can be played live with physical cards, but it can also be played online. Currently, most major Digimon tournaments are played remotely, meaning over camera with the help of Discord. 

Price of Digimon cards

Of course, we also have the price of Digimon cards as a factor. Clearly, it is cheaper to play casually than competitively. Take a closer look at the prices of Digimon cards. For professional (competitive) players, it can be a somewhat expensive sport. That's why cards are collected slowly and consistently. On the other hand, if we play casually, the price of the game can be very affordable.

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Digimon TCG in Croatia - Where to play?

Tournaments for Digimon cards can be played at many places throughout Croatia.

Schedule of Digimon locals (tournaments), contacts and other information for the entire Croatia.

Note: Contact the organizer before coming, as some of these spaces do not have a regular program.

At Magic Omens, we hold weekly gatherings and tournaments every Tuesday at 5:30 pm. All tournaments are announced in our monthly program and on the Magic Omens Community FB group.

Digimon communities in Croatia - For organizing tournaments and buying and selling individual cards

There are also various Facebook groups where you can always ask about tournaments and other things that interest you:

  • FB group „Magic Omens Community“ – A group where we post applications for all tournaments held in the Magic Omens store - HERE
  • FB grupa „Digimon Karte Hrvatska (Trading Card Game)” - A group for Digimon players in Croatia. Buying and selling Digimon cards and other things related to Digimons is the focus of this group - HERE


How and where to buy Digimon cards

 digimon tcg booster box

How to get started buying Digimon cards? Our suggestion is to start with buying a few Starter decks. You can also look at sets that contain cards important for your deck (and buy booster packs or the entire Digimon booster box). This way, you can start with a deck that already has some synergies and functions well. In the Digimon TCG, each set contains a good number of very important cards for most strategies, so it's best to check out our article on improving each Digimon starter deck.

You can trade your duplicates with other players or sell them on various forums, Facebook groups, or in-person at tournaments. Over time, you'll have a nice collection of cards that you can play with and lend to friends.

Digimon card collectors usually keep their cards in portfolios (such as the Ultimate Guard Binder).

Popular shops for Digimon cards include:

  • Card Trader - for buying and selling individual cards
  • TCG player - a large online store based in the USA
  • Tvoj hobby shop - Magic Omens in Zagreb for buying Digimon cards, with delivery throughout Europe. They have all the latest editions at affordable prices.


    Digimon is a super fun TCG. It's one of the newer ones but is still very popular for good reason. We hope this text has been inspiring enough for you to start your own Digimon adventure. If you enjoyed what you read, please share it with your friends. See you at the store or the next tournament!

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