digimon tcg vpet limited edition collectable agumon and gabumon

Digimon, as well as its mascot- Agumon, have evolved throughout the years. What started as a small toy franchise has become a gaming titan. With more and more Digimon products coming out every year, let’s take this chance to look at some of Agumon’s most iconic collectibles.

Although this list is mostly dedicated to Agumon, we’ve spared a few mentions for the likes of Gabumon and Omnimon.

Agumon Plushies

Agumon has a LOT of plushies, to nobody’s surprise, as the mascot is absolutely adorable. With that being said, some of these plushies are so rare their prices can go into the thousands.

Digimon Adventure Agumon Plush Doll Ichiban Kuji Double Chance Limited 10

digimon agumon collectable plush tcg limited edition

With only 10 of these in the world, this Agumon plush is one of the rarest out there. If you’re looking to get a simple, iconic Agumon plush, this might be just the one for you.

Life-Sized Agumon Plush

Life-Sized Agumon Plush

If you’ve ever thought about what Agumon would look like in real life, this plush is your answer. With a whopping 50cm height, it’s a great plush to keep around your place, or even use as a pillow or cuddle toy for children.


Digimon Figure

Bandai Digital Monster Agumon & Gabumon Friendship Figure

One of the coolest moments of Digimon Last Kizuna was when Gabumon and Agumon evolved into their newest forms- Agumon Bond of Bravery and Gabumon Bond of Friendship. These cool new evolutions didn’t take long to get a Digimon figure. 

The detail on the figures is extraordinary. Each individual limb is highly mobile and can be set up in a variety of different dynamic poses.

augmon bond of bravery figure

Megahouse Digimon Adventure: Taichi Yagami & Agumon GEM PVC Figure

If you’re looking for the perfect figure to immortalize your Digimon nostalgia, this might be just the one for you. It features Digimon’s two protagonists- Tai and Agumon made out of high quality PVC plastic. This means that the figure is unlikely to break, and will have a certain weight to it that lower quality figures lack.

agumon and tai megahouse limited edition figure

Although the figure is a bit expensive, it’s unlikely to get re-releases, meaning that the figure might just appreciate in value in the future.

Digivice & DIM Cards

If you’ve always wanted to have a Digivice like the Digidestined do in the Digimon show, or games like Digimon Cyber Sleuth, then you’re in luck. There are different Virtual Pet options for both Digivice and more classic Tamagochi like gameplay. While these can be a bit expensive, they promise hours of fun, and are sweet memorabilia to keep around. 

DiM Cards

DiM cards are the newest entry into Digimon’s Tamagotchi-life lineup. Each Digimon Vital Bracelet (A Digimon fitness tracker) can take advantage of a DiM card in order to create a Digimon Egg.

vital bracelet


Each DiM card has the data for a single Digimon and all of its evolution lines, naturally, Agumon is one of the available Digimon. However, there’s a vast variety of other Digimon you can choose as well. This upgrade to the Virtual Pet line has been a huge success and the first few sets will undoubtedly become collectors items.

agumon and gabumon dim cards vital bracelet

Complete Selection Animation Digivice Taichi Metal

If you’ve ever wanted to see what a Digivice made in the 2020’s looks like, look no further than this one. As part of Digimon’s 15th Anniversary celebration, Bandai Namco released this exclusive line of Digivices. These pack features that no previous digivice had, and are priced at a premium, collector price.

taichi digivice metal

The Digivice plays the music and quotes from the series, in addition to featuring multi-color LEDs, recreating the colors of the partner you choose. You can also play your partner digimon’s lines over the music, which is a nice feature to have.

Digimon Adventure Digivice 1999 Ver. Taichi Yagami Color Orange Bandai

digivice orange taichi limited

A nostalgia trip for any Digimon fan. This is how Taichi’s original Digivice looked in the first ever Digimon Adventures show. Rather than going for the more modern aesthetics of Digimon Tri, this Digivice remains firmly rooted in the past.

It’ll let you experience all of the joys of the original Tamagotchis. Surprisingly, these are still fun, even though they’re no longer anywhere near the forefront of technological advancement.

Digimon TCG Cards

The entire Digimon TCG is chock-full of interesting Digimon collectibles. The latest set, Digimon TCG Battle for Omni contains a variety of Alternate Art treatments, as does the rest of the TCG. If you’re someone that likes collecting cool arts of their favorite Digimon, or you’re looking to get into the TCG, these products might be just the thing for you.

Omnimon BT1-084 Alt Art

omnimon rare card alt art bt01

This is one of the rarest cards in the Digimon TCG (we’ll get to the others soon.) It features the iconic Omnimon, in a recognizably retro artstyle. The card also sees competitive play in the Digimon TCG, making it quite valuable. Besides that, the Digimon TCG hasn’t shown much willingness to reprint alternate arts, so this art of Omnimon might just be printed only once. It’s also found in just 1 out of 72 packs, making it a very rare find.

WarGreymon – BT2-065

alt art wargreymon tcg bt2 digimon card game

It’s no surprise that WarGreymon, one of the most popular Digimon out there, has some of the best alternate artwork in the Digimon TCG. This specific piece of art is highly sought after, and usually priced north of $100. It looks great in a deck, as well as in a small picture frame hung on a wall.

Starter Decks & Their Cards

digimon tcg starter decks

Each Starter Deck in the Digimon TCG has had a limited print run so far. This has led to cards from those starter decks becoming collectors items even if they aren’t very good. Furthermore, Starter Deck cards are rarely reprinted outside of other starter decks. This means that stocking up on the newest Starter Deck if you’re looking to collect or play the Digimon TCG is a great idea.

1. Tyrannomon Series 2 Gold Stamped (2000)

Although not legal in the newest TCG, this Tyrannomon is the rarest Digimon card out there, with only 100 of them ever hitting print. It is unknown how many of these have survived to this day, because of which the card hit a $30,000 price tag just recently.

DC-1 Grand Prix Cards

The DC-1 Grand Prix was a limited Digimon TCG event that had exclusive, Veemon-themed prizes. Since this was a singular event, none of these cards have ever been reprinted with the same code, nor will they. Besides that, Veemon’s evolutions are quite popular, making this entire series a collector’s goldmine.

Omnimon Zwart Defeat- Alternate Art

tcg digimon omnimon zwart defeat alt art

This Omnimon alternate art is worth around $80, and not only is it a gorgeous piece of artwork, it’s also an amazing card in the actual TCG. This makes it, or the set it’s a part of (Battle for Omni) an excellent purchase for all collectors and players.

Closing Words

There’s innumerable Digimon collectibles out there. However, each of these is a unique piece of Digimon history or, in the case of a few later entries, the road to the future. With the boom of the Digimon TCG, the cards used in the game are skyrocketing in price and value. In fact, if the game keeps growing at this rate, we might see it hit Pokemon’s situation in a decade or so.

Other than the cards, Agumon has appeared in a variety of collectibles over the years. Our favorites are the Digivices and Megahouse Digimon Adventure: Taichi Yagami & Agumon GEM PVC Figure, for the sheer nostalgia that they provide.

If you’re looking to get into collecting the Digimon TCG, we advise starting out with either the newest starter decks (Starter Deck Gallantmon and Starter Deck UlforceVeedramon) or the Battle for Omni booster packs/boxes


Written by Ilija Miljkovac


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