Yu-Gi- Oh Croatia Guide

Yu-gi-Oh card types

Types of cards, with an added "Skill" card for the Yu-gi-oh! speed duel variation 

Yu-gi-oh is a card game from the year 2002. It is played one on one, and with the help of our monsters, spells and traps we try to win the match. 

What is Yu-Gi-Oh

Yu-gi-oh is a strategic game in which we try to outsmart our opponent. By itself, the game has a lot of interaction with the opposing player, so there is always something new for you to learn. The basics are fairly easy to learn, but there are a lot of interactions and combinations which will interest both young and older audiences.

 Find more about what Yu-Gi-Oh products to choose for your deck.  

Are Yu-Gi-Oh cards popular

Yu-gi-oh is a card game that is popular among all age groups. It has over 500.000 active players and many more "casual" players.

boy playing Yu-gi-Oh

Yugioh is a game for both kids and adults

Is Yu-Gi-Oh hard to learn (rules and how to play)

No, Yu-gi-oh is easy to learn. With a large amount of dedicated Yu-gi-Oh YouTube channels that explain a lot of card interactions and game mechanics, it became even more accessible for new players. Yu-gi-oh also has a few online emulators that help players to learn the game and their deck. Besides that, you can visit your local game store which has players that are always ready to help and teach you a few things. 

Here is a Speed Duel variation of Yugioh, which is great for beginners. 

Learn how to play "Speed duel" Yugioh with this 10- minute video: Yugi Muto vs Kaiba


If you want to know more, regular Yugioh rules are in this video.

Here you can find the official rules and guides in PDF form. It is simple and we recommend it to anyone who is interested in the game to take a look.  

Yugioh TCG - general facts

Competitive play and game variety

Yu-gi-oh can be separated into competitive and casual play. Casual play is more suited for newcomers and it doesn't demand you to have a tier 1 deck. In essence, casual play is a game you play with your friends and in local tournaments. Competitive play refers to bigger tournaments such as: regional, national and international  (YCS - Yugioh Champion Series). In those tournaments players use the best decks and aim for a high ranking.

Kouki Kosaka 2019 YCS winner

Kuoki Kosaka winning 2019. YSC 

Our recommendation for people who play in big tournaments is to always keep their decks protected in card sleeves. Basically, wraps that protect cards from scratches, bending and deterioration. Sleeves also help with deck shuffling, as cards that are sleeved don't tend to stick together while shuffling your deck. It could save you from being reported for cheating. Using card sleeves is useful even for casual players, as they keep your cards in good condition. For good protection, pick a brand that offers you great quality. Our recommendation and personal favorites are Ultimate Guard UX and Dragon Shield Matte.

Yu-gi-oh can be played in person with real (physical) cards, but we can also play online with emulators. Currently Yugioh is mostly played remote, which means on camera using discord. .

Price of Yu-gi-oh cards

Of course, the price is also a factor in Yu-gi-oh cards. Clearly, it's cheaper to play casual than competitive. Take a more detailed look at Yugioh card prices. For professional (competitive) players, it can be quite an expensive sport. That is why cards are collected slowly over time, but consistently. On the other hand, if you are a casual player, the price range is very affordable. 

Yugioh card prices
Some Yugioh cards price ranges up to a few thousand USD

Yugioh in Croatia - Where to play 

Yu-Gi-Oh local tournament schedule, contacts and other info. 

Disclaimer : before arrival you must contact the organizer. It is important because some of those programs don't have a regular program.


Time Schedule




Frankopanska street 20 

Carta Magica game shop

Tuesday: 16:30-20h, entry fee 50kn, max 15 ppl

Saturday morning:10-13h, entry fee 50kn, max 7-8 ppl

Saturday afternoon: 13-16h, entry fee 50kn, max 8 ppl

Facebook: Renato Smijulj i Karlo Siketic

Mail: yugioh_zagreb@outlook.com

Proxy cards allowed: 10

min 1 booster pack guaranteed per player

It is required to apply in advance for the tournament


Šašinovečka 4, Soblinec

Meeting room

Friday: 17h, entry fee 30-40 kn (depend on the term and tournament)

Michael Sliško

+38599 190 9502

Required to apply before every tournament because of the limited number of players

Proxy cards allowed: 5

The term is not fixed, it is possible to change to better suit the players needs 


Trg Hrvatskih Branitelja 4

Warp-omega, 3. floor

Saturday: 16h, entry fee 30kn

Dario Ban

Mobitel: +385992491632

Mail: dario.ban55@gmail.com



Vojarna Rojc

Sunday: 10h, entry fee 30kn

Mihael Maglica

Mobitel: 0996879765

Mail: yugioh.pula@gmail.com



Cvjetno naselje 18a

Association Talus

Saturday: 15h, entry fee 30kn (25kn for members of the Talus association)

Željko Nagy

Mobitel: +385958890185

Proxy cards allowed: 5


Trg mladosti 18

KKC Pixel

Saturday: 11h, entry fee 30kn

Matija Štefić



Stjepana Radić street 25

 Stadium Osijek College

Saturday: 15h, entry fee 20kn

Marko Nikšić

Mail: marko.niksic2@gmail.com

Proxy cards allowed: 3 engine cards (example - 3x Invocation in Invoked deck)


Polačišće 3

Caffe Bar "Art", City Galleria

Saturday  (occasionally sunday, 3 days notice before tournament, at least ): 15h, entry fee 30kn (25kn with applying in advance by email until friday 23:59)

Geoff Valčić

Mail: ultrajhinstinct@gmail.com

Proxy cards allowed: main + side = 5, extra = 3  

Max players: 13

On entry don't disturb the waiters about the tournament, head to the non-smoking area of the caffe bar. 


Faust Vrančić street 1

Private space "Wizard" of the Custodes association in Split

Tuesday: 17h

Saturday: 10h

Mario Drašković

Mail: mario.draskovic91@gmail.com

Mobitel: +385915866584



Vilk Novak street 28

"Pinocchio" caffe bar

Sunday: 15h, entry fee 40kn

Matija Cmrk

Mail: matija.cmrk@gmail.com

Mobitel: +385989974294



Tomaš Goričan street 4

Caffe Bar "Pacific"

Saturday: 15h, entry fee 40kn

Krunoslav Breški

Mail: breski.krunoslav@gmail.com

Mobitel: +385995928343



Erazam Barčić street 9A

Club Mladih(club of young people) Rijeka

Saturday: 11:30h, entry fee 40kn

Duje Zagar

Mail: duje0087@gmail.com

Facebook grupa: Yu-gi-oH! Rijeka



 Ljudevit Gaj square 1

Mama Mia pizzeria

Saturday: 16h, entry fee 40kn

Mark-Antoni Levanić 

Mail: antoni.markl@hotmail.com

Mobitel: +385915181170


Yu - Gi-Oh communities in Croatia - for organized play and buying/selling individual cards

There are also various facebook groups where you can always ask anything about tournaments and other things that interest you.

  • FB group “Yu-gi-oh Hrvatska!” - Group for Yugioh players in Croatia. Purchase and sale of Yugioh cards, tournament information and other news from Yugioh TCG(has 1.800+ members) - HERE
  • FB grupa “Yugioh Hrvatska – Croatia” - Another group for Yugioh players from Croatia (has 1.200+ members) - HERE 

There are no differences between the two groups, so it is best to follow both

How and where to buy Yu-gi-oh cards

Yugioh booster boxes

Yu-Gi-Oh booster boxes

How to best approach buying Yugioh cards? We recommend buying a few structure decks( for example Freezing chains deck). You can also look at sets that contain reprints (and buy booster packs or the whole booster box). That way you can start with a deck that already has some synergies and functions well. Reprint sets can give you cards that you can add in your deck to boost it's consistency and overall strength.

You can trade excess cards with other players or sell them at reasonable forums, FB groups or live at tournaments. As time goes, you will have a nice collection of cards which you can use in play or lend to your friends.

Yugioh portfolio

Yu-Gi-Oh cards are often stored by collectors in appropriate portfolios(e.g. Ultimate Guard Binder)

See more Yu-Gi-Oh products. It can help you find one that best suits your playstyle

Popular Yugioh card shops: 

  • Yu-Gi-Oh card market - For purchase/sale of singles (individual cards).
  • TCG player - Large online shop from the USA.
  • Your hobby shop - Magic Omens in Zagreb for selling Yugioh cards, with delivery all across Europe. All newest editions at affordable prices. 
  • Already well known“geek shop” Carta Magica in Zagreb (former Land of Magic)
  • Muller - Although not a specialized hobby shop, you can find board games and Yugioh cards here.

To sum it up

Yu-Gi-Oh is a very fun TCG. It is one of the most popular card games with a reason. We hope this guide was inspiring enough for you to get on your Yu-Gi-Oh adventure. If you like what you read, please share it with your friends. See you in our shop or the next tournament!  



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