Pokemon TCG Scarlet & Violet (SV1) Sleeved Booster Pack (10 cards)

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A Loose Pack

Can you remember the time when you saved lunch money just to buy another pack of cards? A booster pack is exactly that! A loose pack containing 10 cards. Get a few packs and see how lucky you are!

Each booster pack contains 9 cards and 1 basic energy. Cards vary by pack.

Enter Paldea!

Scarlet & Violet is introducing some big time changes to the trading card game!

  • card borders shift from yellow to grey (to match the Japanese editions)
  • every Scarlet & Violet booster pack will contain 3 foil cards and all cards rare or higher will be foil
  • Pokemon ex gameplay mechanic is returning to the card game
  • card design is changing to better the gameplay experience
  • tool trainer cards are not considered items anymore, they become their own purple standalone 4th trainer card subcategory

SV1 base set contains...

  • over 190 cards
  • more than 10 brand-new Pokemon ex; a take on a returning game mechanic
  • the introduction of Tera Pokemon ex with a crystalline appearance
  • more than 30 new trainer cards
  • dozens of Pokemon and Trainer cards with special illustrations

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