Pokemon TCG Obsidian Flames (OBF) Checklane Blister

Promo Card: Pawmi
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 What is a Checklane Blister?

It is a way to add some certainty to the pack opening experience because it includes a visible promo card and a game-legal flip coin.

This blister includes:

  • 1 Obsidian Flames booster pack
  • a foil promo card featuring Pawmi or Paldean Wooper
  • a game-legal flip coin
  • a Pokemon TCG Live code card

Ruler of the Black Flame

Obsidian Flames is the 3rd expansion of Scarlet & Violet Pokemon TCG era. It introduces Tera Pokemon ex with alternative typing probably inspired by the Delta Species Pokemon of old. Some of the type-shifted Tera Pokemon ex this set features are: Darkness Charizard, Lightning Tyranitar, Fire Eiscue and many more!

In this set you can expect:

  • over 190 cards
  • type-shifted Tera Pokemon ex with a crystalline appearance
  • more than 20 new Pokemon ex
  • more than 15 Trainer cards
  • lots of Pokemon and Trainer cards with special illustrations

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