Pokemon TCG Crown Zenith (CRZ) Mini Tin

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Pocket-Sized Tin

The mini tin is perfectly sized for taking your favorite cards on the go! These beautiful products are easy to open and features five different illustrations (a SWSH trainer and their Pokemon).

The CRZ Mini Tin contains:

  • 2 CRZ booster packs (10 random cards each)
  • sticker sheet
  • an art card showcasing the Mini Tin illustration

    Best of Sword & Shield

    Crown Zenith is a special set of 2023 and the final Sword & Shield card expansion. It includes reprints of all the playable staples and fan favorite cards from the SWSH era. CRZ contains both V and Radiant versions of Charizard and it also features a 70-card Galarian Gallery subset!

    Crown Zenith expansion set contains:

    • over 160 cards
    • 3 brand-new Radiant Pokemon
    • 5 colossal Pokemon Vmax
    • 8 mighty Pokemon Vstar
    • 17 powerful Pokemon V
    • 70 cards with special artwork in the Galarian Gallery

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    NOTICE: you receive a product that features 1 of 5 different illustrations chosen at random.

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