Pokemon TCG 2022 World Championship Deck

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Grab a World Championships deck and play like a champ!

Choose 1 of 4 powerful decks, each a card-for-card replica of an actual title-contender's deck from the 2022 Pokemon TCG World Championships.

You will find decks based on those used by Junior Division Champion Rikuto Ohashi (Japan), Senior Finalist Sebastian Lashmet (United States), Masters Division Quarterfinalist André Chiasson (Canada), and Masters Division Champion Ondřej Škubal (Czechia).

No matter which style you prefer, there is a deck for everyone!

  • Sebastian Lashmet's deck features Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX and the calm, collected, and calculated Inteleon engine
  • Rikuto Ohashi's deck features the same Inteleon engine alongside the raw power of Origin Forme Palkia VSTAR
  • for those who prefer to put the pedal to the metal, André Chiasson's Mew VMAX speeds into action alongside the explosive draw power of Genesect V
  • and if you are into decks with a ton of options, World Champion Ondřej Škubal has you covered with a multitype deck featuring Arceus VSTAR, Hisuian Decidueye VSTAR, and Flying Pikachu VMAX

NOTICE: these replica decks have a different card back than standard Pokemon TCG cards, as well as gray borders and the player's signature on each card. This means that the cards are not legal for tournament play, but they are perfect for diving into the world of competitive Pokemon TCG. Learn how the best Trainers in the world build their decks, and figure out how to execute their strategies.

Each 2022 Pokemon TCG World Championships Deck includes...

  • 60-card World Championships Deck
  • 2022 World Championships booklet
  • Special 2022 World Championships pin
  • 2022 World Championships coin
  • 2022 World Championships deck box
  • a playmat and poster
  • a code card for Pokemon TCG Live

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