One Piece: Adventure Island

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Players 2-8
Age 8+
Time (min) 30-45


One Piece is a Straw Hat Pirate Showdown game that has 3 play modes: Child, Story and Crew Battle. From 8 years old.

Use Cards and Dice to advance through the Islands of the Grand Line and complete missions and become the King of the Pirates


Relive all the adventures of the Straw Hat Crew in this cooperative mode, but beware of the pirates and Marines who will do anything to plunder your ship and capture you. Drop Crocodile in Alabasta, destroy CP9, face the crew of Big Mom or Kaido ...


Each player plays one of 12 pirate crews and sets out to conquer the many islands of the One Piece world. Will you be the fastest to control territories, find as many treasures as possible on the islands, carry out your missions and beat your many enemies? Beware of other crews, Marines, 7 Corsairs, Supernovae and 4 Emperors who could at any time put an end to your dreams of piracy.

Who will be the Pirate Lord?

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