Flesh and Blood in Croatia - Where to play, buy and trade FaB cards.

This is a guide about the basics of Flesh and Blood and how to access it if you live in Croatia. This is not a guide about game mechanics, as there are many such guides available online, including on our blog. Let's get started!

What is Flesh and Blood (FaB)?

Flesh and Blood is a trading card game designed in New Zealand by veteran card game designers. The game was released in 2019 and has practically become one of the most popular trading card games on the market from day one. It is a game where two players play a hero card and their deck of cards in a gladiatorial battle against each other as long as they have life points.

Why play Flesh and Blood?

Because it requires a lot of strategic thinking and outsmarting your opponent. When we win against our opponent in this way, we have a very nice feeling of satisfaction, as after learning and planning some activity. The game, however, is not demanding like chess where moves have to be memorized. Every new game of Flesh and Blood opens up new and unseen interactions between cards. It is great for practicing the skill of quick thinking and planning, as every card in your hand has a purpose both on your turn and your opponent's turn. That is why there are no moments when cards are drawn and the game is "played by itself". There are always options and combinations that will be offered to you only in that moment. The luck factor is there to make the game even more interesting and unpredictable (after all, it is a trading card game).


Flesh and Blood u hrvatskoj zagreb cijena
Example of a Flesh and Blood hero

Check out all the possible types of Flesh and Blood products and which product to choose.

Is Flesh and Blood TCG popular?

FaB is very popular. Moreover, it is becoming more popular every day. If this is the first time you've heard of this game, that's not bad either. This game is growing every day, so it's natural that there are often new interested players. In Croatia, as well as in the world, local tournaments and gatherings are getting bigger every week. In Flesh and Blood, you can find a very good and interesting game system as well as very interesting cards for collecting and trading. Both things that are key to the success of TCGs.

Is Flesh and Blood easy to learn?

Yes, Flesh and Blood is easy to learn. In addition to the many online guides, there are beginner decks and Welcome Events where veterans teach new players the game with a gift of a beginner deck. In addition, if you go to a game store during a FaB gathering and just say you're interested in starting, there are always players who will help you and personally guide you in the game. Flesh and Blood players are very passionate about the game but at the same time, they try to make every new player feel welcome. Check out the list of game stores for Flesh and Blood in Croatia at the bottom of this article.

How to play FaB and how to choose the way of playing you want

There are several divisions. If we simplify, we can say that it is divided according to format and level of competitiveness.

Flesh and Blood places great emphasis on live play, so there is no digital version of this trading card game. Physical paper cards are our favorite way to play trading card games. There is something special about playing with them and creating closeness with friends in that way.


 FaB flesh and blood kartanje i karte u zagrebu
Example of the game in one of the later stages


Here we have decks that we bring from home (constructed) or decks that we build on the spot as part of a tournament (limited).


In this format, we come to the tournament (or to a game with friends) with a pre-built deck. In this variant, we generally know our deck, and it is also a convenient way to experiment because with each new game and gathering, we change and improve our deck a little. This type of deck building is very interesting and fulfilling because it requires the use of creativity skills, much like building things with Lego bricks.

There are two variations in this format: Blitz and Classic Constructed (CC).

Blitz is a faster and simpler format because it is played with a smaller deck of 40 cards to which up to 12 equipment cards and one hero card can be added. This format is recommended for new players to learn the game and for a simpler (and cheaper) entry into the hobby. You can read more about Blitz in our article.

Classic Constructed, as the name suggests, is the classic way to play Flesh and Blood. This format is more popular among experienced players because it involves an 80-card deck that includes one hero card, equipment, and all the other cards you want in the deck. Before each match, you choose at least 60 cards from those cards for the deck, one equipment for each slot, and of course, your hero. This selection makes this format interesting and very tactical because before each game, you adjust your deck to your current opponent and want to be prepared for everything. To start playing Classic Constructed, we recommend reading our article on low-budget FaB decks or buying a few FaB booster boxes and building the beginning of your first deck from that.


In this format, we build the deck on the spot, as the first phase of the tournament, before playing the first game with the opponent. Each player gets a certain number of booster packs (booster packs). They are opened (each containing 15 random cards), and decks are built from them. Everyone builds their own deck. This shows even more creativity. It's very challenging. Generally, such decks are "weaker," but that's okay because the decks of all your opponents are also of similar strength. This way of playing is one of the most popular.


Flesh and Blood can be played in two ways: casually and competitively. Although it is easy to switch between the two categories depending on the moment, the choice is yours. How deep down the rabbit hole do you want to go?


Intended for playing with friends, there are no strict rules. Try to make some rules within your group of friends so that one deck is not too strong (unbalanced) compared to the others. We recommend using basic Blitz or Classic Constructed rules for how you will build your decks.

Blitz is the most popular format for beginners. Each player needs one deck, and there are pre-built Blitz decks available for purchase. These decks give you a complete gaming experience and a good starting point from which you can build your personalized deck.

Flesh and Blood fab zagreb cijena u dućanu

Example of a Blitz deck



Refers to playing in more serious (official) tournaments, i.e. competitive play. At some point, everyone feels the urge to try themselves as a professional. The competition is fierce, but the excitement is also much greater. 

In the Flesh and Blood community, the first step for every competitive player is the weekly Armory. This is a weekly tournament organized in your local store that has current FaB boosters, various promo cards, and playmats as prizes. Armory can be any format, but the most common in Croatia are Blitz. These events are where new decks are tried out, current decks are piloted, and you can socialize with local players on a weekly basis.

The next step is the Prerelease Events and Skirmishes. Both of these tournaments are a bit more competitive, and people often come with a greater desire to win.

Prerelease events are held a week before the release of the new card set and are in Sealed format, where everyone plays with the new cards they open at the event. This is a very interesting way to get to know new cards and maybe win a few packs before the release of the new set.

Skirmishes are the most competitive of these smaller local events. They can be Draft or Constructed format. At this event, everyone plays for a better result because in addition to great prizes, you also get a lot more exp points for your official Flesh and Blood account. 

Flesh and Blood calling veliki turnir
The Calling – The biggest FaB events


Next in line is The Calling, the first of its kind in Europe, which will take place in Utrecht at the beginning of December 2021. The most competitive players (called "grinders") from all over the world attend these tournaments. Excitement and nervousness can be felt as soon as you enter the pavilion (usually played in large pavilions to accommodate such a large number of people). This is an experience that every FaB player should experience at least once in their lifetime. Locations change every year, but some are often repeated and are announced in advance.

These are multi-day tournaments with lots of additional content, so even if you are eliminated after the first round (usually seen towards the end of the first day), you have plenty to see and do for the rest of the weekend. In addition to all types of games and various formats, you also get the opportunity to buy at trade show prices and meet people from the international community, such as artists who paint cards or Youtube and Twitch personalities.


Flesh and Blood in Croatia - Where to play the tournaments

In addition to playing with friends at home, tournaments can be played in Croatia at:

Schedules, announcements, and tournament results can be found on websites, forums, and groups below. These places also have "marketplaces" where people who want to sell or buy FaB cards can be found.

Flesh and Blood community in Croatia - for organizing tournaments and buying/selling individual cards

The following websites contain a list of tournaments and places to buy/sell cards, deck boxes, sleeves, and other equipment. Often these are used items. If you want to buy new and packaged products, it's best to look in the next subtitle "Where to buy Flesh and Blood cards".

  • Magic Omens Community (for Flesh and Blood tournaments in the most modern space in Croatia)
  • FB stranica “Magic Omens” - Our page where we put all new products and products on sale at very affordable prices (it has 2.100+ members) - HERE
  • FB group “Flesh and Blood TCG Croatia” - The largest group where you can find information about events and buy/sell cards - HERE
  • Discord Flesh and Blood TCG Hrvatska - Discord server as the central hub of the FaB community in Croatia for those who prefer digital gatherings through Discord (has 40+ members) - HERE

Where to buy Flesh and Blood cards

Frequently popular options for ordering and buying Flesh and Blood cards are:

  • From abroad, there's Card Trader for ordering single cards.
  • Very popular Channel Fireball (which is also the creator of a lot of content, like videos and articles).
  • TCG player from the USA.
  • Magic Omens in Zagreb with delivery throughout Europe. For all the latest editions at great prices.
  • The older store Carta Magica in Zagreb (ex Land of Magic)


To conclude

Flesh and Blood is a game that can easily become addictive. It's very fun, but at the same time challenging for your brain. There are many options depending on what you want and how you want to play: just casually with friends or competitively with the best decks and against the toughest opponents. FaB is also flexible in terms of budget - cheaper or more expensive. And depending on your preferred play style - whether you want to build your deck in advance or build it on the spot.

Flesh and Blood is the only newer TCG that has managed to reach the heights of the big three Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon, so we recommend that you come and see what it's all about and lead your hero to victory in the fight to the end!

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