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Many parents of the 21st century encounter a problem when it comes to buying gifts for their children. If it's your child's birthday or you're buying a Christmas or holiday present, it's hard to break away from video games.

Most kids these days are very familiar with video games. Of course, this doesn't necessarily make them a bad gift, but it's worth showing your child that there are other ways to have fun outside of the virtual world.

An ideal gift if you want to brighten up your child's day and give him an educational experience that will improve his or her motor and cognitive abilities is a board game.


What is the perfect age for board games?

A misconception that many parents share about this type of entertainment is that their child has to be of a certain age to enjoy a board game. Fortunately, this is not the case. Of course, there are board games made for older kids as well as adults, but no matter what your age, we're sure there's a game out there for you.


2-4 years

At this age, you should stick to simple games without a lot of rules. Ideally, those that have some motor component to help the child develop motor skills better. Games like Jenga are great for this age, because they are very simple and dynamic. Rubik's cubes are also a good idea at this age. Although the child will not be mentally able to put it together, playing with it improves motor skills.


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5-8 years


At this age, we can introduce some simpler rules. Games like Chess are a little harder to learn, but it's perfectly doable for kids this age. On the other hand, Chess does not have enough colors and excitement for most children. Games like Dixit are a great choice for this age, because they develop critical thinking through fun, with very simple rules.

On the communication game side, DC Spyfall combines the super heroes that countless kids love with social interaction and slightly more demanding ways of thinking. This type of game is a great way for a child to bond with friends or a parent.


9-13 years


At this age, children rarely encounter a problem in understanding the rules, on the other hand, it is necessary to find games where there are few enough to maintain attention more easily. In addition, you should also pay attention to the theme of the game itself. In the board game world, it is very easy to find interesting games that focus on less violent themes.

Games like King of Tokyo focus on socialization with a certain layer of more complex critical thinking. In addition, it is easy to get children interested in board games of this type because in these games they are like cartoon heroes.

Some more complicated games that certain children of this age will enjoy include Risk and Monopoly.


13-18 years

At this age, children are already used to more complex rules, and understand the distinction between fiction and reality, which further expands our choice of games.

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Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization provides a very deep and educational experience. Within this strategy game, many lessons from the history of the great empires of the past are hidden. 7 Wonders fulfills a similar purpose.

Pandemic Legacy gives older kids the chance to experience an almost literary narrative combined with great strategic depth.

On the side of more board games, One Night Ultimate Werewolf is a great game. It gives the child the opportunity to relax and play the game live with friends instead of in front of the screen. 


Benefits of playing board games for kids


Based on the name, many assume that board games fall into the same category as video games in terms of impact on children. In fact, board games offer many benefits for the healthy development of children.


Early learning opportunities

At a young age, even simple board games help children with concepts such as colors and numbers. In addition, it helps improve coordination and dexterity as children move cards and pieces around the board. Additionally, waiting for moves and following the rules provide useful lessons in patience and obedience.


Certain games are great for developing intelligence


Doctor of psychology Beatrice Tauber Prior said the following about the influence of strategy games on teenage and adolescent children: "Strategy games are useful in the development of the front cortex of the brain. This part of the brain is responsible for executive functions such as organizing, planning, and critical thinking."

In addition, certain games have themes of history, science, etc., which can present these subjects in an interesting way.



Learning foreign languages


If a child becomes interested in board games, he will surely look for newer and newer challenges. Most of them are written in English. Reading the rules and parts of the game will in itself improve the child's speaking skills in English.


Bonding opportunities


Most parents will not be able to effectively enjoy video games and similar forms of entertainment with their child. The more our and our children's lives revolve around the Internet, the more valuable every moment we spend outside of it.

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Board games help children acquire social skills and value teamwork. In addition, parents can easily get involved in the game and bond with their children through a shared hobby. This is especially important for shy children, for whom board games can give them a place where they can feel free.


They support mathematical and logical thinking

Most board games that involve points or cards have math at their heart. An obvious example would be Monopoly, where you need to know addition, multiplication and subtraction to make a good move.

Some more complex mathematical concepts such as probability and fractions are also easily explained through board games. In older children who already understand these concepts, it also comes from improving critical thinking in using them.

Trading card games or TCGs also help a lot with this. You can find more about them in the Pokemon, Magic the Gathering or Flesh and Blood guides.

Estimating the best move in some games such as Settlers of Catan can be very demanding. With this, the child learns how to keep several factors in his head at the same time in order not to make the optimal move.




Board games are a great gift for a child of any age, be it for Christmas, birthday or any other occasion. They are something that will provide the child with many hours of fun, without having to sit all day in front of the screen.

In addition, depending on the age of the child, board games provide many other benefits such as intellectual and strategic development, up to increased dexterity and limb coordination.

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If you are looking for a gift, find the child's age above and see the recommended games. Who knows, maybe you will enjoy them too ;D

You can also check out our article on how to choose the game that suits you best, where we explain the most popular genres of board games and give examples of games that fall into them.

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