Ultimate Guard Frozen World Bundle

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Give your collection a frosty look with this limited bundle of Ultimate Guard "Frozen World" products. The bundle includes a Boulder 100+ with a stunning icy appearance, a printed Play-Mat with the sublime "Frozen World" design and a pack of white Katana Sleeves in standard size.

A hot bundle to immerse yourself in the frozen world of Ultimate Guard.

Boulder 100+ Ice Blue


- Designed for 100 double-sleeved or 120 single-sleeved standard sized cards in Ultimate Guard Sleeves*
- Durable and rigid box
- Limited design in ice blue
- Two-tone soft-touch finish2
- Designed to fit into other Ultimate Guard products: Superhive 550+, Arkhive 400+, Arkhive 800+, Smarthive 400+, Flip'n'Tray 100+, Twin Flip'n'Tray 200+
- Secure closure
*Designed for Ultimate Guard Sleeves. Sleeves from other brands may affect capacity/compatibility.

Katana Sleeves Standard Size White

- Made in Japan
- Impeccable clarity
- Extra long lifespan and durability
- Perfect shuffling
- Acid free, no PVC

Play-Mat "Frozen World"


- Soft cushioned Play-Mat
- Full colour print with limited artwork design
- Protects gaming cards and accessories during gameplay
- Extra thick, 2 mm Mat
- Anti-slip underside for maximum gaming grip
- Natural rubber

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