Ultimate Guard 100+ Sidewinder 2023 Exclusive

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You always wanted to play cards on a volcano? And then go on an exciting boat trip and watch dolphins? You can do all that on your next trip to one of the Canary Islands. And don't forget to take your 2023 Exclusive Sidewinder 100+ Canary Orange with you. It holds 100 double-sleeved cards with Ultimate Guard sleeves. If the volcano erupts, though, you'd better get out of there fast!


Imagine taking a hike trough beautiful Bali in the am, then diving into the cool sea and spending the evening at the beach, sitting around the fire place and playing cards!? Sounds like a dream come true, right? The beautiful 2023 Exclusive Sidewinder 100+ Bali Blue for 100 double sleeved cards is the perfect equipment for this dream. I wonder if the cards will survive the dive.... ?


Name 3 things which anyone should bring on an expedition to the rain forest: drinking water, 1 machete and your favorite TCG deck in this 2023 Exclusive Sidewinder 100+ Rain Forest (will fit 100 double sleeved cards, optimized for Ultimate Guard sleeves). Because what do you do when you're lost, and you sit on a sequoia waiting for help? Playing cards with the monkeys, of course.

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