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Make the most out of Mars for your corporation

This game has been top 5 on Board Game Geek since release in 2016 for a reason! Terraforming Mars is a game of a lot of moving parts that all make sense. You can play it with up to 5 players and try your luck at drafting Project cards to make your corporation the one that uses the terraforming process to it's own benefit. Terraforming Mars has an ever expanding series of Expansions that each give another way to interact with the planet in this race for profit. This doesn't mean that the base game isn't enough. Most players play the base game tens to hundreds of times before changing it up with the expansions.

Keep it going by expanding your Mars collection

 Terraforming Mars has been one of the most popular and best reviewed board games in the last decade, so it's natural it has it's own host of expansions and additions to make the Terraforming experience even better!

  • Terraforming Mars: Prelude includes 5 new corporations and ways to jumpstart your game with new project cards, so you can get to terraforming as soon as possible
  • Standalone game Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition is the best way to get into the amazing universe of Terraforming Mars in 2022
  • Terraforming Mars: Turmoil - try to play around new event cards called Global Events like riots, natural disasters or similar inconveniences for your Mega Corporation



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