Pokemon TCG Fusion Strike Sleeved Booster Pack (10 cards)

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The Classic Booster Pack!

A Pokemon Sleeved Booster Pack is the classic way to enjoy the trading cards! Open a sleeved pack for the chance to get the new Fusion Strike Pokemon, full art Supporters or one of the secret rare alternate art cards (including Espeon Vmax and Mew Vmax)! Opening a booster pack is a lot of fun and this gives you that pure experience we all know about. Good luck with your pulls!

Gang up with Fusion Strike Pokemon to beat the competition!

Third battle style called Fusion Strike focuses on teamwork between your Pokemon! Some fan favorite legendaries return in this set, including Genesect V, Mew V and Fusion Strike Meloetta! Golden secret rares and alternate art cards are also back! We hope you will enjoy collecting and playing this game changing set of the Pokemon Trading Card Game!

Upgrade your Fusion Strike Collection!

We offer more Fusion Strike Products for the full set experience!

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