Pathfinder Council of Thieves Dice Set (7)

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Pathfinder Council of Thieves Dice Set

Ladies and Gentlemen, there is an opportunity for You, entirely legal and honest, without any additions in small print. We even have licenses from Paizo Inc. It was they who persuaded us to this deal. Of course, we insisted it was on our terms. Q WORKSHOP is known for honesty and care that no Westcrown "dogs" would cling to us.

Business is simple: we have great dice, the whole set, seven pieces, from "d20" to "d4". They are dedicated to the Pathfinder Adventure Path campaign: Council of Thieves, but they will be valid for any heist in any universe. They are beige as parchment, masterfully engraved with picklock motifs and numbers that will surely arouse tears of emotion. It's exactly like in the letters of chase behind your characters. We've also added a mask of devils on the highest sides. Everything perfectly filled with black as night deep.

In short: these are other excellent dice from our factory. Of course, the price of this product for professionals and people who want to show their class, even if they do this quietly, is like for friends.

List of crimes committed using these dice

Announcement: Of course, this is about noble examples of rebellion against a criminal power that has allied itself with the Evil and oppressing people in Westcrown. It's dice for Robin Hood and his merry men. We would not promote crime tools after all! That's clear.

Bastards of Erebus - breaking into the private area of the Order of Infernal Knights;
- The Sixfold Trial - disruption of the theatre performance at the Lord Mayor's estate;
- What Lies in the Dust - the theft of an artifact from a protected historical object;
- The Infernal Syndrome - an attack on the life of a group of Hell residents invited by the authorities;
- Mother of Flies - hindered witch punishment by city forces;
- The Twice-Damned Prince - inciting riots against legal power.

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