Pandemic (2013)

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Players 2-4
Age 8+
Time (min) 45


In Pandemic, a game for 2-4 players, you will take on the role of one of seven different disease-fighting specialists, each with a unique skill that will come in handy when tackling four of the most deadly diseases ever known to man.

The goal of Pandemic, from Z-Man Games, is relatively simple. Work together to find the cure for each of the four diseases before time runs out. Seems simple? Well, not so fast soldier!

Pandemic is a co-operative game where you must work together to identify and carry out the best strategy to getting the cures, while also fighting off the disease, managing its spread and keeping track of which cities could be infected next. Use your specialist's strengths and skills to your advantage and stop the disease from taking over.

Each turn, a player can utilise a multitude of actions, from moving to different cities, tackling the disease head-on, building vital research centres or finding that precious cure by discarding five disease cards.

As the game progresses, the spread of the disease gets larger and the chance of an Epidemic occurring increases. Perhaps the most revolutionary element of this game is the Epidemic mechanic. Draw an epidemic card from the pile and you will infect a completely new city with three cubes, putting it on the verge of an outbreak. The infection rate increases and the disease intensifies, meaning the previously drawn “Infect City” cards are shuffled and put back on top of the deck, laying in wait to be drawn and infect at a greater rate.

If you and your team manage to keep on top of the ever-growing infection and manage to find those all-important cures, you can officially call yourselves disease control specialists. Fail, however, and you will find the world at the mercy of all four diseases, with little else that can be done to save humanity.

Pandemic is an absolute staple, a go-to game for any avid board game player and an essential for any board game collection! The co-operative element paired with the theme makes it an enjoyable, fast-paced game that can be played by all!

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