Obsession 2nd Edition

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Players 1-4
Age 14+
Time (min) 30-90


You are the head of a respected but troubled family estate in mid-19th century Victorian England. After several lean decades, family fortunes are looking up! Your goal is to improve your estate so as to be in better standing with the truly influential families in Derbyshire.

Obsession is a game of 16 to 20 turns in which players build a deck of Victorian upper class, renovate their estate by acquiring building tiles from a centralised builders' market, and manipulate an extensive service staff utilising a novel worker placement mechanic. Successfully hosting prestigious social activities increases a player's wealth, reputation, and connections among the elite.

Throughout the game, a competitive courtship for the hand of the most eligible young gentleman and lady in the county presents specific renovation and reputation objectives. The player who best meets these objectives while accumulating victory points will win the hand of the wealthy love interest and the game.

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