MTG Ravnica Remastered Collector's Booster Box (12 Packs)

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Experience the entire City of Guilds in this Remastered Draft format

Return to the enchanting streets of Ravnica and relive the grandeur of its guilds. Ravnica Remastered brings together beloved characters and reprinted favorites from the plane's vibrant history.

Get all the coolest cards from the set with Collector Boosters, offering direct access to a mesmerizing array of special treatments. A full display of Collector Boosters makes the chase even more special, getting you 12 packs of pure value and bling, to expand your collection or pimp out your decks!

Reprinting everything we know and love from Ravnica's past

Cards like full art and old border Shock lands, anime art legendary creatures, as well as retro frame and full art staples can all be found in this amazing reprint set of all 13 Ravnica sets spanning 16 years of Magic history!

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