MTG Doctor Who Commander Deck

Deck: Masters of Evil
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These immersive Commander decks feature Doctors, companions, villains and locations from the series. These decks are so full of references, you'd think they are bigger on the inside. Every Doctor is two-color, while every companion is mono-color.

Each deck features 50 new cards, with TARDIS, Sonic Screwdriver, Ominous Cemetery, Gallifrey Council Chamber, Trenzalore Clocktower, Twice Upon a Time and Psychic Paper appearing in multiple decks.

Similar to the recent March of the Machine Commander decks, these decks each feature 10 Planechase cards. These feature non-canon planes.

Each package contains:

  • A 100-card Commander deck
    • Including 50 new-to-Magic cards
    • Face commander and featured Commander in traditional foil.
  • 10 Planechase cards
  • 10 double-sided tokens
  • 1 deck box
  • 1 life wheel

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