Flesh and Blood Arcane Rising Booster Box

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Arcane Rising is the second booster set for Flesh and Blood. It released March 27th, 2020 in local game stores across the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, and Malaysia.

Arcane Rising introduced four heroes:

  • Dash, Inventor Extraordinaire, a brilliant Mechanologist
  • Azalea, Ace in the Hole, a cool-headed Ranger
  • Viserai, Rune Blood, the terrifying Runeblade
  • Kano, Dracai of Aether, the Wizard with a flare for the dramatic

The Arcane Rising booster set contains a total of 219 cards, with the following configuration and estimated rarity breakdown:

  • 1 Fabled (1 per ??? packs)
  • 5 Legendary (1 per 96 packs)
  • 10 Majestic (1 per 12 packs)
  • 15 Super Rares (1 per 6 packs)
  • 48 Rares (1.75 per pack)
  • 126 Commons (12 per pack)
  • 14 Tokens (1 per pack)
  • Premium Foil (1 per pack, with First Edition containing 1 Cold Foil every 24 packs)

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