Epic Encounters: Swamp of the Hydra

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Grab an EPIC encounter for your next fantasy roleplaying game! Made for new and experienced players, every Epic Encounters set features an all-in-one boxed encounter that’s 5e compatible and ready to play.

With Swamp of the Hydra, wade into a fetid swamp to do battle with a cunning and twisted reptilian horror! Inside, you’ll find everything you need to run a twisted encounter, including a highly detailed (and many headed!) hydra mini and enough prompts and stats to illuminate your imagination.

Be careful when setting foot in the swamp. With eight hydra heads to contend with, careless trespassers will soon find themselves trapped in a thicket of snapping jaws!


  • 1 Hydra Miniature
  • 20 Goblin Tokens
  • Double-Sided Game Mat
  • Adventure Book (with Monster Stats)
  • Tips and tricks for running an awesome encounter (that work for any RPG game)

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