Epic Encounters: Local Legends Tavern Kit Core Set

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Taverns are a frequent feature in almost every fantasy roleplaying campaign, yet they are rarely given time to shine. That ends now: your party’s tavern visits will no longer be a means to an end. With this 5e-compatible roleplaying kit, you can make every tavern encounter epic, whatever your level of experience — with minimum effort!

This product contains:

  • detailed guide to running epic tavern inncounters
  • 10 unique fantasy taverns, bursting with plot hooks 
  • 60 fully-statted NPCs with individual cards, portraits, backstory, and adventure hooks (including a unique local legend...)
  • 10 detailed tavern maps (inside and out)
  • 10 illustrated play mats for riotous tavern games — a unique game for every pub!

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