Dragon Ball Super Card Game Fusion World: Awakened Pulse - Booster Box FB01 (24 packs)

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Each booster box contains 24 booster packs. Each booster pack contains 12 cards. Cards vary by pack.

140 different cards in total:

  • 8 leaders
  • 52 commons
  • 36 uncommons
  • 30 rares
  • 12 super rares
  • 2 secret rares

In this set you will find: Son Goku, Beerus, Goku Black, Trunks: Future, Android 17, Son Gohan: Childhood, Ginyu, Cooler, and many more!

Each booster pack contains one serial code that can be used in the digital version of the game! Get the in-game items and play both the physical and digital versions.

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