Digimon Card Game: Infernal Ascension - Booster Pack EX06 (12 cards)

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Holy vs. Evil

Introducing 6 must-see Infernal Ascension points:

  • The 7 Great Demon Lords come together - their alt arts are included in this set
  • Angel Digimon descend with massive power-ups: Seraphimon, Cherubimon and Ophanimon get their ACE cards
  • Blast DNA Digivolve comes out as a new ACE ability
  • ACE cards in this set have premium special card design
  • suggested deck recipes:
    • The 7 Great Demon Lords
    • The 3 Great Angels
    • Mastemon
    • Legend-Arms
    • Aquatic Digimon
    • Barbamon
    • Lilithmon
  • alt art cards are included as box toppers - 6 different types available

Good luck and have fun with your pulls!

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