Digimon Card Game - Gift Box 2023 GB03

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A massive special set with 4 packs of BT14, a promotional card, a Digimon Card Game damage counter and memory counter!

Includes 4 [BT14] booster packs!

A gift box that includes 4 packs of BT14 cards which have the new play mechanic! BT14 also has rare cards for maximum user desirability!
Plus, there will be 4 types of promo cards, which will be highly sought after by core users!

The highly popular acrylic damage counter returns!

This box also includes an acrylic damage counter, back by popular demand! We also adjusted the size of the acrylic sheet to make it easier to use!

The package size is even more compact than the previous GB02 set!

We made the package size more compact in response to feedback collected from various sources. (W9.8 × H9.4 × D1.4 inches)
We also reduced the price from $29.99 to $19.99, making this box an easier purchase.

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