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Players 2-8
Age 10+
Time (min) 15+

It's the best team party game around!

Codenames is a game where 4 to 8+ players are split into two teams. Each team appoints a Spymaster who can see where the agents are on the grid, but can only say one code (one word and one number) per round! The rest of the team confers and try to guess which words represent their agents and which ones don't. This is an addictive and fast paced game where you try to link your whole teams minds into seeing the same clues as the Spymaster. 

Visually interesting deduction

The main change from the original Codenames game is that instead of words this game comes with 140 double sided cards with detailed pictures. This twist alone is enough to turn the whole game around. Now everything is even more up to interpretation and the players need to be very receptive of the Spymasters clues. Because of that this game is an amazing teambuilding exercise!

Check out the rest of the Codenames range

In addition to the classic Codenames game, Codenames has multiple versions that you will enjoy for sure! 

  • The classic game Codenames is perfect for larger groups. Addicting and fun gameplay for up to 8+ players!
  • Codenames: Duet brings a fun twist to the series, featuring double sided image cards instead of word clues. Up to 8+ players can enjoy this visual marvel!
  • Fun for the whole family with Codenames: Disney! This version has both images and words related to over 90 years of Disney and Pixar films
  • Return to the wizarding world of Hogwarts in Codenames: Harry Potter

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