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Egyptians love cats, especially Cleopatra. When she ruled Egypt, she commissioned cat rescuers to protect cats, and royal cat inspectors to report and reward rescuers. In her time, cats were napping happily and safely in the sun throughout Egypt.


In this game, the players are Egyptian cat rescuers, and their goal is to save cats in pyramids. A player receives 1 point for every unique cat rescued, plus 1 point per helper on the scoring tiles. When a player has scored 23 or more points, the game continues until the end of the current round. The player with the most points wins the game.


Rescuer meeple x 12 (Three for each player)
Score token x 4 (One for each player)
Cat pyramid tile x 13 (Three of each color, plus Cleocatra)
Royal Inspector token x 3 (brown)
Score track x 1

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