Cartographers Heroes

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Players 1-100
Age 10+
Time (min) 30+

Draw a map of the new continent for your kingdom's glory!

Up to 99 cartographers can play at the same time! In this game you take the role of cartographer trying to expand the known world outside your kingdom. That journey might be perilous and exciting, since you never know what might be waiting behind the next hill. Hostile armies and monsters are waiting to be encountered in this magical kingdom.

Roll and write games have been having a renaissance in the last couple of years and this is a gem among them.  

Expand your kingdom further with expansion packs!

Cartographers Heroes is a sequel and expansion to the original award winning map drawing game cartographers. It includes all new original map sheets, cards and unique abilities.

It can be mixed with the original Cartographers game to expand your options and replayability. As well as with one of these expansion regions:


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