Arkham Horror: The Feast of Hemlock Vale - Investigator Expansion

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The Feast of Hemlock Vale Investigator Expansion features 5 new investigators for Arkham Horror: The Card Game and adds a wealth of new player cards and options for deckbuilding, including brand new bonded cards and cards that make use of bless and curse tokens.

Use the right tool for the job as the handyman Wilson Richards, build the ultimate laboratory as the scientist Kate Winthrop, smooth-talk your way out of danger as the countess Alessandra Zorzi, bring balance to chaos as the folklorist Kōhaku Narukami, and throw yourself into danger to protect others as the farmhand Hank Samson.

This expansion is a fantastic addition to any Arkham Horror: The Card Game player’s collection, and the cards within can be used to build or enhance investigator decks for any of the game’s scenarios or campaigns.

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