Arkham Horror: Scarlet Keys Investigator Expansion

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The Scarlet Keys is a story of mysterious disappearances. Animals, people and objects are vanishing and with them, they are leaving people's memory as well. You and the other players are the only ones who remember them. Or so you thought! Someone is sending you letters about the disappearances, which will send you across the globe to solve this existential horror event.

When we say “across the globe,” we mean that literally. The Scarlet Keys Campaign Expansion introduces the game’s very first completely non-linear campaign. After the prologue concludes, you and your party choose where to go next, and wherever you go determines what scenario you play. But you might not see everything in a playthrough, since one of the greatest threats in the campaign isn’t the Mythos: it’s time.

You will find only player cards in the Investigator Expansion and only scenario cards within the Campaign Expansion. Whether you want one expansion or both, the world of Arkham Horror just got bigger!

The Scarlet Keys Investigator Expansion brings a massive spread of new player cards to the game, including six new investigators!

Check out our article on Living Card Games to learn more about these types of games.

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