A Fake Artist Goes to New York

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Players 5-10
Age 10+
Time (min) 30+


エセ芸術家ニューヨークへ行く – which is pronounced as "Ese Geijutsuka New York e Iku" and can be translated as Fake Artist Goes to New York – is a party game for 5-10 players. 

In this hidden role drawing game, each turn a player takes the role of Question Master, and they decide on a category or theme for the drawing everyone will be making together. Then they write a specific word from that category on all but one player's boards. Players go one by one drawing a single line each to draw the word they got from the Question Master, but one of them will have to adapt and not get caught for not knowing what the word is! After everyone drew 2 times, the players vote on whom the fake artist is, and get points accordingly.

This is like Pictionary, but with a twist of not knowing what you are drawing. It's a great game for larger groups and people new to board games.

If you are looking for other party games, why not check out Codenames or Pictomania?

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