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Huge selection of various Digimon products

Where to start and what to buy?

Most popular products

Individual booster packs and booster boxes are the most common way to collect Digimon. Booster packs usually have 12 cards (2 of which are rare or higher). Booster boxes contain 24 of those booster packs. Buying these is a great way to open some rare cards, improve your deck and expand your collection.

Limited Edition Tamer's Sets

These sets are highly collectable and feature a lot of value:

  • Limited Edition playmat
  • Limited Edition card protector sleeves


Products Great for Begginers

In this category, we recommend Starter Decks. They are probably the best way to start with The Digimon card game. They contain everything you need to sit down and play a game. These decks are a fun and easy way for new players to experience the game, but also contain cards that will interest veteran players of the game.


If you enjoy Digimon TCG and want to keep your collection safe and stylish you're going to love these options:

Customer Reviews

"They have a big selection of trading cards and good prices, as well as very knowledgeable people working there. This was my first time there, but I will definitely come back again."

Pave S., Zadar (Croatia)

"This shop has an amazing staff and fantastic prices - fully recommend it!"

Sven S., Zagreb (Croatia)

"Easy purchase, helpful staff and overall great selection of products."

Mirko P., Ljubljana (Slovenia)

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The most popular Digimon TCG products. All in one place, with best prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have organized play at your store?

Yes we do!
Every Tuesday from 17:30 you can find us at Savska cesta 144A in Zagreb at the Magic Omens store!

What is the best way to start playing Digimon TCG?

Just buy a starter deck and try it out!
If you want a more detailed guide, check out our article on how to start playing Digimon TCG in 2022!

What size of sleeves does Digimon use?

The Digimon Card Game uses standard sized sleeves.
We recommend either the Ultimate Guard Katana or Dragon Shield Matte. You can find both in a myriad of colors here.

How often do new sets come out?

A new Digimon Card Game set comes out every 3 months or so!
Keep up to date with releases by checking out the Digimon Card Game section in our store!


Digimon TAMER'S Set 2

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