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Where to start and what to buy?

New to Board Games? Start here and find out more

These are some recommendations to get you started in the wonderful world of board games:

  • Check out the games in this category as they are board games fit for every new playgroup
  • Look into our blog post about which genre of board game best suits your group to find out what to look for
      • No matter what game you start with you won't go wrong, all of these games are designed to be fun, engaging and worth your time.

Cooperative Games that make you all winners!

Cooperative gameplay is always very rewarding and brings all of the players together under one common goal: to defeat the game!

These games can be any genre but all of them focus on one thing: Cooperation between players. Whether you're trying to stop a Pandemic from spreading, helping Sherlock Holmes solve a case, trying to survive a zombie apocalypse or putting on your Marvel superhero suit to fight some bad guys, it is always more fun to do it in a group!

Avengers Assemble and try to kick some board game butt with your friends!

Party Games for big groups and loads of fun

If you enjoy having some laughs with friends while casually gaming these are the games for you!

This category is all about goofing around, hanging out and maybe, just maybe, winning in the process.

If that sounds like your type of game night, maybe give these games a look.


Most popular games in the past year

These games have been on everybody's wish list since they came out and have been selling like hotcakes in the past year!

Here you can find games of different genres, but all of them are among the top games on BGG (Board Game Geek top 100)

In addition to the games you can see on the right there are so many more in our ever expanding board game section on our webstore. Why not give it a look and you'll probably find the perfect game for you and your group!

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