Pokemon TCG Chilling Reign (CRE) Booster Pack (10 cards)

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Can you remember the time when you saved your lunch money just to buy another pack of trading cards? Well, a booster pack is exactly that! A single pack selected from a booster box containing 10 random cards. Want to feel like a kid again? Try getting a few packs and see how it goes :)

Explore the Frozen Tundra

Adventure to the Crown Tundra in order to meet the King of Bountiful Harvests Calyrex! With a bit of luck, at the Dyna Tree Hill you could meet the Galarian forms of the legendary birds: ArticunoZapdos and Moltres. And beware, at the Split-Decision Ruins you'll have to decide between cathing Regieleki or Regidrago!

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