Pokemon TCG Celebrations Pikachu V-UNION Collection

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Let Your Pokémon Unite And Play The Huge Pikachu Card!

This is not the first time Pokémon TCG has had you connect more cards to make impressive big Pokémon in it’s 25 year life, but it is the most amazing Pikachu image to date! Assemble and unite 4 cards to create this big boy of a Pokémon. We celebrate the anniversary in a number of ways and this one is for all the players looking for a cool and unique way to show their love for Pikachu!

Pokémon Celebrations - Fan Favorite Cards Return

25 years of Pokémon is a big milestone, for Pokémon fans of all ages!  The best way to celebrate the legacy of Pokémon in the TCG and the lives of us, the fans, is to remember all the adventures, excitement and friendships we made along the way. This set will revisit fan favorite mechanics from previous sets for the new generation of trainers and veterans alike. Collect and cherish remixed versions of classic cards like the infamous “chubby Pikachu” full art!

Professor Burnet and V-Union Pikachu Overfill This Collection!

The Pokémon TCG: Celebrations Special Collection—Pikachu V-UNION includes:

  • 4 foil promo cards that make up a single Pikachu V-UNION
  • 1 oversize card featuring Pikachu V-UNION
  • 1 helpful Supporter card featuring Professor Burnet
  • 4 Pokémon TCG: Celebrations 4-card boosters
  • 2 additional Pokémon TCG boosters
  • A code card for the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online

    Keep the Celebrations Going!

    We have more Pokémon Celebrations products in our store to make this anniversary special for you. They all ship fast and come at low prices to boot, so don’t let the Celebrations stop here!

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