Digimon Card Game Dimensional Phase BT11 Booster Box (24 packs)

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Digimon World characters and their Digimon are featured in this set. Collect all the amazing alt art versions of them!

Xross Wars themed decks also get some new support with a new Shoutmon and many more!

New with this set:

  • All Common and Uncommon cards will also have a holo foil version, adding 74 cards to the set! Players and collectors will be excited to get max rarities of these cards, another English version exclusive for BT11!
  • Three special cards from previous products are reprinted in Set 11 with a new alternate design!
  • To celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the Digimon Card Game’s English Version, 10 top cards from our website’s popularity poll will be reprinted for BT11 with new alternate art! These 10 cards are exclusive to the English version and are sure to be both very collectable and surprising for players!

This set includes 112 cards:

44 Commons
30 Uncommons
26 Rares
10 Super Rares
2 Secret Rares
Includes 3 Alternative Reprints cards:2 Super Rares
1 Secret Rare
English version includes 10 Campaign Rare cards.
1 Japanese Booster Pack contains 6 cards.
1 English Booster Pack contains 12 cards

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