Ultimate Trading Card Game Gift Guide - 2022

Want to get the perfect gift for your TCG loving friend? You’re at the right place! Our team at Magic Omens got together, and we created what we would say is the Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for 2022.

Below you will find recommendations and info for some of the most popular new products for all the major card games that any tabletop gamer will enjoy!

Trading Card Game Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Trading Card Games are getting more popular each year, so there is no better time to get a TCG gift for one of your friends or family! We will recommend you a few products from each game, like Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Magic: The Gathering, and help you find the gift that fits your needs for this holiday season. There are products for each of these games that will be both great for seasoned players, or will work as an introduction to the trading card game hobby to beginners.

Magic: The Gathering Gift Guide 2022

Planeswalk into the world of Magic: The Gathering and find the gift that will keep on giving! Each of these products is a great addition to any MTG collection and will work great as a starting point or to expand an existing one. 

mtg holiday gift guide 2022

The MTG Arena Starter Kit 2022 is the best place for people interested in the game to get a feel and start playing right out of the box! In this starter set you will find 2 full prebuilt decks designed to be played against each other and learn all the mechanics of the game, a perfect gift for the card game beginner in your life!

Jumpstart 2022 is a product which is great fun for new and veteran players alike, because it's balanced but also completely random. You play Jumpstart by getting 2 Jumpstart booster packs and putting them together to form a 40 card deck (each booster contains 20 cards, carefully designed to work as a half of any deck). Each player does so, and then you battle it out with your new and exciting MTG decks! This is the gift to give people in a mixed group of new and old players, so they can all enjoy the game on an even playing field.

The next step in Magic the Gathering is Commander, it is a casual way to play the game with 4 people at the same time (it's usually 1-on-1). Each player controls a Commander deck and tries to win over the other 3 or more players at the table. We have a huge variety of Commander decks in stock and suggest any of them really as a really cool gift for any level of Magic enthusiast, although the new Evergreen Commander Starter decks are perfect for people new to the game and are also cheaper than most other Commander decks.

Our last surefire recommendation is the Modern Horizons 2 series of products. These are aimed at veteran players, people who play the game regularly and want all the most useful cards for Modern, Commander or Legacy. They come as Draft boosters, which contain 15 cards (one of which is always a rare or better), and Set boosters, which contain 12 cards (but up to 4 of which could be rare or higher in rarity). This set is adored by players and will for sure make the MTG player in your life happy!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Holiday Gift Guide 2022

It's time to D-D-D-Duel! If this phrase brought you back to your childhood, or you have a friend or family member who loves playing and collecting Yu-Gi-Oh, check out these recommended gifts for this holiday season!

yugioh holiday gift guide 2022

The Yu-Gi-Oh! Structure Deck - Dark World is a perfect starting point for any Yu-Gi-Oh beginner or someone trying to get back into the game after a long hiatus. This product features a playable deck right out of the box, full of great reprints and highly playable cards. It features some of the most well-beloved Yu-Gi-Oh monsters all in one deck. Great gift or addition to an existing one for any Yu-Gi-Oh fan.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Magnificent Mavens (MAMA) 2022 Holiday Box is the ultimate Yu-Gi-Oh Christmas gift for any player, young or old! In this box you will find a set of 70 sleeves to protect your cards, featuring art from some fan favorite cards which can also be found in the set. It also includes 4 booster packs with 5 all foil shiny and rare cards each. Making that 20 great and playable cards in every box!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Tin of the Pharaoh's Gods 2022 is a beautiful metal tin (that can be used for card storage) in which you will find 3 booster packs with 18 cards each, all of which are very much in demand and playable in almost any deck. Just like Magnificent Mavens before, this is a product for anyone actively playing Yu-Gi-Oh! or someone who is just building their first personal deck.

Pokémon TCG Holiday Gift Guide

Everyone knows Pikachu and how much of an impact Pokémon has had on generations of people in the last 25 years, so why not give the gift of Pokémon to your loved ones this holiday season?

pokemon tcg holiday gift guide 2022

Pokémon TCG Pikachu V Box is the simplest gift, and one you can't go wrong with, for any Pokémon fan! In this box, you will receive a full art Pikachu promo card (as well as an oversized version of it) and 4 Pokémon TCG booster packs. This gift will make any Pokémon fan happy and give them a chance at some even rarer and better cards in the boosters.

The Radiant Eevee Premium Collection is the next in line as gift material for the Pokéfan in your life! This product includes 8 Pokémon Go themed booster packs, a Radiant Eevee promo card, an enamel metal pin featuring Radiant Eevee as well as a beautiful playmat with the same art! You can't deny the sheer amount of great stuff in this one product! This gift is sure to be a success with anyone who plays or collects Pokémon cards or even other Pokémon merchandise.

The last but certainly not the least are Pokémon booster packs in general. That is the way we all experienced the joy of opening cards and hoping to get the ones we want, and why not give that same joy to our friends and family?


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