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Watching Dungeons & Dragon campaigns on YouTube or Twitch can be a great experience for both experienced players and beginners. Experienced players can always get inspiration on how to run their games or develop their characters. Like getting introduced to interesting character builds and cool class and race combinations which you maybe wouldn't think of yourself. If you want to see more on that, we have an article on coolest new character builds in 2022 for you to check out!

If you are interested in that or if you just learned how to play Dungeons & Dragons, it is great to see someone else play D&D to get a better feel on what Dungeons & Dragons Session looks like. This list of top 10 D&D campaigns to watch should help you choose the right campaign for you!

Critical role

critical role dnd live play podcast twitch and youtube

Critical Role is the most popular and widely considered the best Dungeons & Dragons Youtube show. Critical Role DM Matthew Mercer and all the players are voice actors. This makes Critical Role sessions a delight to watch.  You can find the show on their Youtube channel or watch an ongoing campaign on Twitch every Sunday at 04:00 CET. I recommend that you give Critical Role a try, even experienced players can get a better idea of how to DM Dungeons & Dragons from Matt Mercer.

If you get hooked on their campaign, check out Dungeons & Dragons - Explorer's Guide to Wildemount, the sourcebook that details Wildemount (a continent where the Critical Role campaign is taking place). The book is written by Matthew Mercer and will let you explore the world of the best DnD show.

Currently, there are three campaigns on their Youtube channel. Campaign 1 starts when all characters already know each other (they played that campaign before they started filming). If you want to start watching a campaign from the moment the characters meet for the first time check out campaign 2 or campaign 3.

High Rollers

high rollers short campaign dnd play twitch youtube

The UK-based Dungeons & Dragons, High Rollers, is the most popular European D&D show. They are a group of four players with Mark Hulmes as Dungeon Master. There are two major campaigns you can check on their YouTube Channel; Lightfall and Aerois.

High rollers have also played a bunch of short campaigns completely unrelated to their main campaigns. These short campaigns were streamed on the D&D Twitch channel. They go through official D&D content such as Tomb of Annihilation and Dragon Heist.

You can watch High Rollers campaigns on their YouTube channel, or catch the ongoing campaign on their Twitch every Sunday at 17:00 CET.

Dimension 20

dimension 20 dnd roleplaying show on youtube

If you watched CollegeHumor you will see some familiar faces in the Dimension 20 D&D series. As expected from the D&D YouTube series in CollegeHumor production, Dimension 20 is more comedy-focused than Critical Role. The series has a set amount of episodes per season, so the campaigns are more railroaded compared to Critical Role campaigns. Dimension 20 episodes are not aired live, instead, they are edited and some effects and graphics are added for a more enjoyable viewing experience. It can be awkward to start playing D&D for the first time, the Dimension 20 can be a good starting point in learning how to play Dungeons & Dragons for those of you who appreciate comedy-focused shows. 

Acquisitions Incorporated 

aquisitions incorporated dungeons dragons penny arcade pax

Acquisitions Incorporated is another great D&D show where beginners can see how Dungeons & Dragons works. It is a D&D series that started as a podcast in 2008 when Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition was released. The show has transitioned to Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition after season 6.  

Acquisitions Inc. is also the name of an in-game adventuring mega-corporation. The show and the corporation have gotten an official D&D book: Dungeons & Dragons - Acquisitions Incorporated. You can catch the show every Thursday at 01:00 CET on Twitch, or watch episodes at any time on their Penny Arcade YouTube channel.

Zmajeva Garaža

hrvatski balknaski dnd youtube dungeons and dragons serijaZmajeva Garaža is the first Croatian D&D stream out there. Most of the content is in Croatian, but there are also some videos in English. There is other content besides the streams of their adventures on the Zmajeva Garaža Youtube channel. You can find videos with good advice for Dungeons & Dragons beginners and fun Slavic DM series that bring together Slav-related stereotypes and D&D.

Force Grey

force grey dnd yt and twitch show

Force Grey is another D&D show that features Matt Mercer as Dungeon Master. All players are well-known actors, so you can see some celebrities who play Dungeons & Dragons in this show.

The show is easier to get into than most others because seasons are edited into 20-30 minute long episodes. Each season finale ends in a much longer session played in front of a live audience. The current campaign Lost City of Omu takes place in the Tomb of Annihilation adventure.

The show airs every Tuesday at 02:00 CET on Twitch. You can find previous and live episodes on Dungeons & Dragons official Twitch channel.

Black Dice Society   

Black Dice Society is a D&D campaign streamed on official Dungeons & Dragons Twitch. The story takes place in the horror setting of Ravenloft. If you are looking for somewhat sinister D&D to watch, this is the campaign for you.

The show streams live every Friday at 01:00 CET. You can catch previous episodes on the D&D YouTube channel.

Rivals of Waterdeep 

rivals of waterdeep dnd campaign one shot twitch youtube live play

Rivals of Waterdeep is a D&D campaign that takes place in the official D&D setting; Waterdeep. The show is divided into eleven seasons, each consisting of ten episodes. The thing that makes Rivals of Waterdeep interesting is that they rotate their Dungeon Masters. This is especially interesting to new players, who can see different styles of DM-ing in one show. You can watch new episodes every Sunday at 19:00 CET on Rivals of Waterdeep Twitch.


RealmSmith is a YouTube channel with two completed D&D campaigns to watch. The first one is the Curse of Strahd campaign that takes place in Ravenloft, and the second one is based in Matt Mercer’s Wildemount. Besides the dnd campaign, the channel has other interesting D&D content such as miniature painting tutorials and currently running PVP D&D tournament Champions of the Realm.  

Dungeons and Daddies

dungeons and daddies podcast youtube dnd live play

Dungeons and Daddies is a podcast you can find on iTunes, Spotify, Acast, and Dungeons and Daddies website. Dungeons and Daddies isn’t a YouTube channel or Twitch stream, but it is fun enough that it had to make it to this list. Dungeons and daddies is a funny campaign about four dads from our world that end up in the magical realm of fantasy to find and rescue their sons. The second season only started recently (on January 25. 2022.). Now is a great time to start watching it!


To round it all off, we should mention the official Dungeons & Dragons YouTube channel. It is a great place to look for more Dungeons & Dragons videos as well as info on the latest D&D books and get inspired by some live playthroughs.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I watch D&D campaigns online?

Watching experienced players play D&D can help both beginners and experienced players. Beginners can discover they can do things they didn’t know were possible in Dungeons & Dragons. Experienced players can find inspiration for their own campaigns. 

What is the best D&D campaign on YouTube?

Critical Role campaigns are the most popular Dungeons & Dragons campaign on YouTube. High Rollers, Dimension 20, and other D&D shows also have great campaigns. Which campaign is the best D&D campaign will greatly depend on viewer preference.

Can I play a Critical Role campaign with my group?

Critical Role campaign takes place in Wildemount. Wizards of the Coast released an official sourcebook for Wildemount in 2020. It is easy to take your group of adventures in the same realm where Critical Role adventured with Dungeons & Dragons - Explorer's Guide to Wildemount.

Where can I watch people play Dungeons and Dragons?

If you don’t have experienced friends who will let you watch their D&D session, you can always rely on Twitch or YouTube. There are numerous D&D streams at Twitch nowadays. If stream times don’t work for you, most of the shows have previous episodes available for watching on YouTube.

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