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Start your adventures here!

Adventure awaits in Dungeons & Dragons

Gather a group of friends, get some pens, paper and dice together and prepare to be amazed! In this game everyone plays a character a similar or different from themselves as they would like.

Explore dungeons, fight monsters, befriends the local townsfolk or just go around getting as rich as possible. All of this and an unthinkable number of other options are at your disposal in this game of pretend. Whatever you and your group find interesting or fun is possible and even encouraged.

If you want to learn how to start playing your first game check out our How to start playing D&D in 2022 article.


Which Dungeons and Dragons book to buy is a question many new players ask. We suggest reading the article above for that. Finding your perfect game setting is the next step!

If you enjoy Magic the Gathering there are a number of MtG books that explore and describe different planes like Theros, Strixhaven and Ravnica. Those are perfect to start playing in a familiar world with your own characters and adventures!


Adventure modules or books with premade adventures are great for new and returning players! They offer a fixed framework you can have fun in and adventure without too much setup and extra work from your Dungeon Master. Ghosts of Saltmarsh is one of the best since it leads your party in adventures from levels 1 to 12! Explore the port town of Saltmarsh and go on seafaring adventures in this great adventure module.


Another cool thig about D&D is that there are also board games based on the adventures and places from the main game. These come with cool miniatures and feature different gameplay elements that will help any board game player get into Dungeons & Dragons and vice versa. We suggest checking out Castle Ravenloft as an introductory game that connects these two gaming worlds.


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