Arkham Horror (Revised Core Set)

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Revised core set – Quality of life upgrades

This new core set is the perfect starting point for anybody getting into the Arkham Horror LCG. It includes everything you might need to play the original campaign for up to 4 players. Even going so far as to give you four full playsets of every card in the set! Now you can play solo or with up to three other players straight out of the box. To improve the experience for new players each investigator is packaged with a suggested starter deck and all the scenario cards are packaged separate from other scenarios. This means all you need to play your first game is unpack your set, shuffle your cards and start playing!

Investigate the chilling and mysterious world based on H. P. Lovecraft

Take control of investigators from all walks of life and try to uncover great mysteries of the New England town of Arkham. You and up to three friends will alter your decks, try to keep your sanity and earn experience through a story campaign over multiple adventures. You will have to use all of these to safely encounter the cults, haunted houses, strange creatures! Maybe, just maybe, you might even catch a glimpse of the bigger picture and the Ancient Ones, which will leave your characters changed forever!

Which expansion should you play next?

The best part about this game is that it is considered a „Living Card Game“. That means you can continue your campaign by expanding your game with new investigators, scenarios or big box expansions which come out regularly. For your first steps after the Core Set campaign we suggest you check out The Innsmouth Conspiracy or The Dunwich Legacy expansion sets. These contain 5 new investigators each and a number of scenarios to start off your new campaign! For even more options check out the full Arkham Horror LCG range in our shop

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